Smartphone Based Nano-device for Human Breath Sensing May1720

The goal of this project is to provide a non-invasive test for diagnosing diseases in a portable, cheap, user-friendly package. Our project utilizes the capabilities of an optical spectrometer to determine how a nano-device made of PDMS changes based on qualities of its environment. A PDMS can be utilized to see if there are pathogens in its environment by using a spectromter to see if intensity of light reflected by the PDMS changes. Additionally we designed an app that takes a picture of a rainbow spectra and plots it as a wavelength vs intensity spectra. Our mentor/client plans to develop a spectromter at a later date that fits over a smarphone and can be used with our app to form wavelength vs intensity spectra by analyzing a rainbow spectra that the spectrometer develops by splitting light into its different colors(wavelengths) and sending it to the smartphone camera. The combination of a smartphone based spectrometer and PDMS nano-device will give people the ability to diagnose pathogens in a portable, cheap, and easy way.


Our goals for this project include becoming better at teamwork as well as improving our technical skills in several areas. Additionally, we have goals for the performance of the product of our project. Below is a listing of specific product capabilities we would like to achieve:

  • Develop a product that is much easier to use to diagnose diseases than is currently available
  • Build a product that is cheaper than current testing methods and durable enough to be used in third world countries
  • Build a product that always diagnoses correctly